Admission Application

We welcome referrals for intellectually and/or developmentally disabled individuals who could benefit from living at Mount Aloysius. To qualify to live at Mount Aloysius, the individual must be diagnosed with a developmental disability before the age of 22.

An Admission Application is required to be completed for any individual interested in living at Mount Aloysius. We also require updated information to include a history and physical examination, psychological evaluation completed within the past year, vaccination record, current medication list, and a copy of the Individual Services Plan (ISP).

After all information is received from interested individuals, the Mount Aloysius Admission Committee will review the application and schedule a meeting to discuss the individual to determine if Mount Aloysius will be able to meet the needs of the individual. If the Admission’s Committee decides that Mount Aloysius will be able to meet the individual’s needs, the Social Services Coordinator will schedule a time to visit the individual in his/her current living arrangement. Arrangements will also be made for the individual to visit and tour Mount Aloysius. An overnight visit may be arranged for the individual to determine if Mount Aloysius can meet their needs. The Admission Committee will then meet again to determine if placement is appropriate.